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As many as 35% of adults in the United States are living with bulging, painful varicose veins. At Comprehensive Vascular Care in Novi and Southfield, Michigan, you can receive minimally invasive laser ablation to destroy the damaged vein. This treatment is less invasive than traditional vein stripping and doesn’t require downtime. Find out if you’re a candidate for laser ablation by calling the Comprehensive Vascular Care office nearest you or by requesting an appointment through the online booking system today.

Laser Ablation Q & A

What is laser ablation?

Laser ablation is a minimally invasive treatment option for varicose veins that develop due to venous insufficiency.

When the valves that keep blood flowing in one direction in your veins fail to work properly, blood can leak backward and pool in the vein. This pooling causes the enlargement of your veins that are visible under the surface of your skin. Varicose veins can also become painful and make your legs feel heavy and uncomfortable.

To destroy the painful varicose vein, the providers at Comprehensive Vascular Care use the latest laser ablation technologies for in-office treatments.

What happens during laser vein ablation?

Laser ablation involves the insertion of a flexible catheter into the affected vein through a small incision. To ensure the correct positioning of the tube inside your vein, the Comprehensive Vascular Care team relies on the guidance of advanced ultrasound imaging technology.

Through the catheter, your provider delivers low currents of laser heat energy to seal off the vein and ultimately destroy it.

Over time, your body reabsorbs the destroyed vein naturally without the need for additional treatment, and blood reroutes to nearby healthier veins.

After laser ablation, you need to wear compression stockings to improve blood circulation in your legs and reduce your risk for bruising and the formation of blood clots. Your Comprehensive Vascular Care physician schedules a follow-up visit for an ultrasound to ensure you have a properly sealed vein, and blood is flowing through nearby veins.

What are the benefits of laser ablation?

Traditionally, the standard treatment for varicose veins was to tie them off and strip them away. This procedure is painful and requires a period of recovery before you can resume physical activity.

The advancements in laser technologies allow your Comprehensive Vascular Care physician the ability to destroy the damaged vein in less time and with a faster recovery. Laser ablation is also more comfortable than surgical removal of your vein.

Laser ablation also allows you to return to your usual activities right after the procedure. Your provider asks you to limit sitting for long periods of time to prevent blood clots, but you can start engaging in light exercise and go back to work without an extended recovery.

If you’re ready to treat unsightly varicose veins, schedule a diagnostic evaluation to see if laser ablation is right for you. You can call the Comprehensive Vascular Care office nearest you or request an appointment through the online booking system today.