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About three in every 10 adults develop visible veins at some point during their lives. If your veins trigger uncomfortable symptoms, such as leg pain, cramping, or mobility issues, consider laser vein treatment. At Comprehensive Vascular Care in Southfield and Novi, Michigan, the board-certified vascular surgeons and vein and wound specialists have more than 20 years of experience offering laser vein treatment. Using the latest techniques, they can improve your symptoms. Schedule a flexible appointment today, book a consultation online, or call the nearest office and speak with a friendly staff member.

Laser Vein Treatment Q & A

What is laser vein treatment?

Laser vein treatment refers to minimally invasive procedures and surgical techniques that use lasers to improve the appearance and ease uncomfortable symptoms of varicose and spider veins.

Even though veins are a common problem, without treatment, they can negatively affect your confidence and self-esteem. In some cases, they also increase your risk of more serious health problems or signal their existence, including deep vein thrombosis (DVT), peripheral artery disease (PAD), and venous insufficiency.

What are the types of laser vein treatments?

The team at Comprehensive Vascular Care offers several types of laser vein treatments, including:

Laser ablation

Laser ablation provides a quick, effective treatment for varicose veins. During laser ablation, your provider makes a small incision and inserts a small fiber optical laser wire into a vein. Your provider guides the wire to an area where the vein bulges and turns on the laser. The laser heats the vein, causing it to shrink and collapse.

Your provider repeats this process several times, treating all of your troublesome veins. Following laser ablation, your body absorbs the treated veins and reroutes your blood to healthier pathways.

Intense pulsed laser therapy

Intense pulsed laser (IPL) therapy uses bursts of laser light to treat varicose and spider veins on the face, neck, arms, and hands. Pigment cells in your skin absorb the beams of light and convert it into heat. The heat causes the veins to swell and collapse. Then your body absorbs them.

Is laser vein treatment safe?

Laser vein treatment is safe, requires no anesthesia, and is usually well-tolerated. Laser ablation and IPL leave no scars or blemishes. Following your appointment, you can return to normal activities like work and exercise almost right away. What’s more, laser vein treatments provide long-lasting results. 

What type of laser vein treatment is right for me?

To determine the type of laser vein treatment that’s right for you, your provider at Comprehensive Vascular Care conducts a physical exam, reviews your medical history, and asks about your goals for treatment. After gathering this information, the team develops a care plan that aligns with your needs.

Schedule your laser vein treatment appointment at Comprehensive Vascular Care. Book a consultation online, or call the nearest office today.